Anastasios (Tasos) Sidiropoulos

I am an associate professor at the Computer Science department in the University of Illinois at Chicago, where I am part of the Theory Group.
I did my Ph.D at the MIT, advised by Piotr Indyk.


NSF HDR TRIPODS: UIC Foundations of Data Science Institute (CCF 1934915)
NSF AF: Small: Approximation Algorithms for Learning Metric Spaces (CCF 1815145)
NSF CAREER: Geometric Frontiers in Algorithm Design (CAREER 1453472)
NSF AF: Small: Approximation Algorithms and Topological Graph Theory (CCF 1423230)


List of publications by subject / chronological.


LP-type metric learning (LPTML). Maintained by Diego Ihara Centurion.


Outstanding Teaching Award, CSE dept., OSU, 2017.


Francesco Sgherzi
Bohan Fan
Karine Chubarian (co-advised with Gyorgy Turan)
Diego Ihara Centurion
Kritika Singhal

Ario Salmasi, PhD, 2019 → Facebook.
    PhD thesis: Approximation algorithms for routing and related problems on directed minor-free graphs.
Tim Carpenter, PhD, 2019.
    PhD thesis: Algorithms for low-distortion embeddings into geometrically restricted spaces.
Vijay Sridhar, PhD, 2018 → Mathworks.
    PhD thesis: On the effect of asymmetry and dimension on computational geometric problems.
Alfred Rossi, PhD, 2017 (co-advised with Tamal Dey) → Post-doc at OSU.
    PhD thesis: Temporal Clustering of Finite Metric Spaces and Spectral k-Clustering.


Program committee member: SODA 2020 (Salt Lake City). FSTTCS 2019 (Bombay), CANADAM 2019 (Vancouver), ICALP 2018 (Prague), SODA 2018 (New Orleans), FOCS 2015 (Berkeley), SIMBAD 2015 (Copenhagen), SoCG 2015 (Eindhoven), ESA 2015 (Patras), ESA 2014 (Wroclaw), WAOA 2013 (Sophia Antipolis), TAMC 2013 (Hong Kong), SODA 2012 (Kyoto).


Algorithms on topologically restricted graphs, at STOC/SoCG 2016. Co-organized with Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi.


Fall 2019, CS 594 Graph Algorithms, at UIC.
Spring 2019, CS 505 Computability and Complexity Theory, at UIC.
Autumn 2018, CS 401 Computer Algorithms, at UIC.
Spring 2018, CS 594 Geometric Algorithms for Data Analysis, at UIC.
Autumn 2017, CS 401 Computer Algorithms, at UIC.
Spring 2017, Math 8500 Algorithmic graph theory, at OSU.
Autumn 2016, CSE 6331 Algorithms, at OSU.
Autumn 2015, CSE 2331 Foundations 2: Data structures and algorithms, at OSU.
Spring 2015, CSE 6332 Advanced algorithms, at OSU.
Autumn 2014, Math 3345 Foundations of higher mathematics, at OSU.
Spring 2014, CSE 5339 Algorithm design under a geometric lens, at OSU.
Spring 2014, CSE 6331 Algorithms, at OSU.
Fall 2010, Computational geometry, at TTIC (with Yury Makarychev).


UIC Theory Seminar


E-mail: (replace X with sidiropo)
Office address: 851 S Morgan St., Room 1240 SEO, Chicago, IL 60607, USA