CSE 5339 Algorithm design under a geometric lens

Spring, 2014.
Intructors: Anastasios Sidiropoulos.
Time: Wed Fri, 3:00-3:55pm.
Location: Dreese Labs, Room 264.
Office hours: Mon, 3:00-5:00pm, at Dreese Labs, Room 589.


Large and complicated data sets have become ubiquitous in science and engineering. The analysis of such inputs has created new algorithmic challenges that cannot be addressed using classical techniques. This course will review some recent geometric tools that can be used to solve these problems. The topics that will be covered include:


The course will be accessible to students with either a Computer Science / Engineering, or Mathematics background, having some basic knowledge of introductory algorithms, and probability theory. Some knowledge of graph theory, or geometry might be helpful, but will not be necessary. Programming experience is not required, although interested students will have the option of implementing some of the algorithms.